3/18/22- I turned 25 last week.

People tell me often how cool it is I am doing something I love/ starting my own business. Then they usually say how they could never do something like that because they either 1. don't see themselves as artistic, 2. It's too risky to pursue art. Maybe Im just talking to myself a little too much these days. 

It seems like so much of my desire to make art is to somehow make a living making things with my hands while connecting with people in the same field. Im captivated by the creative process and the different styles/chances people take. I also don't think I can work a 9-5 desk job and stay sane.

Its March, and I've got a busy busy couple months coming up. I have these ideas I want to make but I often get scared because it might not live up to what I envisioned. I am thinking of taking up sewing because that sounds fun. 

That's all for now. Cheers

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