9/29/22 - Redesigning website

Howdy, Daniel here again. 

I've been working on redesigning my website and it's pushed me to think of how and why I want to display my art. I started with the why because that'll be the driving force. People live in loneliness a lot these days. That may be because we are living in a time where people need to find ways to occupy their mind. Or maybe it's just the unhealthy habit we all fall into sometimes when we feel unworthy of being connected with people. So why? To connect. Seeing pieces of art through reminds me there's people like me. That's pretty comforting.

The how. I want people to like my art. My worth isn't found in what I make, but it's fun to connect with people over something you made. Kinda like a friend who baked banana bread. I also find so much joy in making ceramic lamps. It's a medium and a canvas where so much can still be explored. Thats why I want people to connect with the pieces first, then with the creative process. 

Thats it for now.

I'm writing this to keep procrastinating :) 

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