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bruce ceramics

12oz Black/White Mug

12oz Black/White Mug

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Handmade by me, Bruce. On a potters wheel. In my studio. In Southern California.

dishwasher safe - microwave safe - lead free - easy to clean.

Do you want to up your mug game? Have you been using the same store bought mug all these years? Well boy am I glad you stopped by.

Before you stands a mug perfect for early morning coffee and late night tea. With a handle that fits 2 to 3 fingers there is no doubt that you can get a firm grip on your drink.

Holds approximately 11-12oz.

This is a smaller version of my 18oz mug


I make these in my garage studio here in Southern California. I start off by throwing (that's what potters call making things on the potters wheel) mugs on Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday I trim the bottoms and attach handles. They sit drying for about one-two weeks then I fire them to 1960° F, let them cool, glaze them then fire them all the way up to 2200° F. I sand their bottoms then ship them out to you all! In all the process takes around 4 weeks, so please be patient if they are sold out.

These are dishwasher and microwave safe and I've been using and testing them for over a year without any hiccups. With that being said it is a handmade product a more careful approach to caring for it goes a long way.


There may be some variance from piece to piece as these are all individually hand made.
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